by admin on June 3, 2011

We are over the MOON!!  So many compliments on the FOOD.   They loved the Hors d’Oeuvres,  they adored the Paninis- the pace at which the Hors d’Oeuvres came out was so perfect-  I got all four more than once and several Paninis myself and I was in and out.   As we were at the table eating – all the people just said how much they loved the Risotto, the Fish, the Flat bread.
OK, then when the trays of desserts came out- I passed them and they came back empty except one which when I passed it a second time – came back empty.   Toronto relatives are still raving about the food and the service Monday night at the first Sheva Bracha!!!  Wow- Wendy you outdid yourself.  The couple LOVED their wedding and are just the happiest!!!  Wishing you a very wonderful secular New Year.

Love, T

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